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About Eldercare Physical Therapy

Our business offers the best of both worlds for seniors who need ongoing help with daily activities yet wish to retain their independence to the fullest extent.  Our approach to therapy focuses on the individual and opens doors for residents in ways they thought were lost.

We partner with the community staff and therefore help you maximize your independence and enjoy a wider range of activities that increase your quality of life.

By utilizing our Outpatient Therapy program, you will receive your rehabilitation within your home and community. You will learn to function better and more safely in your home and community. 
You will:
(1) Increase your participation in community activities.
(2) Decrease your incident of falls.
(3) Reduce your frequency of hospitalizations.
(4) Increase your ability to return from potential hospitalizations.
(5) Reduce the possibility that you will be moved into skilled nursing.

By offering our Outpatient Therapy services in home, we eliminate the need for transportation to and from therapy appointments. You also benefit from 1 to 1 personal care and receive your care within the environment in which you live and function on a daily basis.  By receiving the care you need and deserve in-home, you are more likely to receive the full benefit of your individualized therapy program. These factors will lead to an overall improvement in your quality of life.